21 Apr


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The dependable little seven-horsepower one-cylinder tiller-steered Curved Dash Olds priced at $650 was the best-selling car in America.  The factory has just reopened following a 1901 fire that destroyed just about everything except the prototype for that car.  Enjoying that success, Ransom Eli Olds did not feel the urgent need to work on future developments, unlike the Olds Motor Works board of directors and its investors.  French Front Rear Entrance Tonneau designed caused dealers to be frantic to get the new Model T.  The French Front design cars were state of the art in design and materials.

One of the most fun things when driving the car is when we are waiting at a stop light and someone, thinking it’s a Ford, invariably asks, “Is that a Model T ?” I just smile and answer yes.

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