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Oldsmobile, the oldest American automaker to reach the modern era, died on April 29, 2004, after a long illness complicated by faulty prescriptions and parental neglect.  It was 107.

The eldest child of General Motors Corporation — indeed, it was born 11 years before its adoptive parent — Olds built its reputation with comfortable, stylish, technologically advanced cars for the aspiring middle class.

Olds had been on life support since December 2000 when GM said it would shut down the Division over four years.  Annual sales which topped 1 million in the mid – 1980’s (when Olds was the nation’s No. 3 car line, after Chevrolet and Ford), had fallen to 125,897 by 2003.  Olds deserved a better ending. But the final message is clear: Oldsmobile thrived when it made Rocket Ships for the road, it died when it offered only appliances.

Enough is Enough.  I would like to close the casket and go on with the Future of the Olds Collector Hobby.

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