1965-1967 Dual Exhaust Manifold




High quality GM licensed and approved reproduction part, supported with the correct GM part number (“W”GM part number: 389268RH).  Manifold is visually and functionally correct.  Get NOS quality without the NOS price. Correct replacement for 1965-67 442, Cutlass or any Oldsmobile with a big block. Eliminate hassles and costly repairs for rust pits, cracks and broken exhaust flange bolts. No need for resurfacing the cylinder head to manifold flange. Eliminates exhaust leaks which occur with original used manifolds.

This manifold is the correct driver side GM “W” (GM part #W389268RH) manifold for 1965-67 Oldsmobile big blocks.  The correct functioning damper can be installed on the driver side for $49.95 for the kit and $25 installation fee.  The correct right hand manifold for 1968 is the “Y” manifold but it can be replaced with this “W” manifold.  It is the same shape and contour and will fit and function properly.

Will fit any 1965-76 big block Oldsmobile but is correct for 1965-67.

Pair with our GM Starfire exhaust manifold to put true dual exhaust on your Starfire, Delta, Dynamic, 88 and 98.  This 442 W manifold replaces the original on  the passenger side and it will fit and function without the crossover pipe hole.

Driver side left hand manifold #389269

Passenger side right hand  #389268

Price: $299.00 per set or $175 for 1 side

Part #:  EXHM658RHW, EXHM658LHX


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