W25 Oldsmobile Ram-Air hood




The W25 Oldsmobile Ram-Air hoods we offer are the same construction as the original GM hoods. Our hoods have a full stamped steel frame with wire mesh screen attached and made with an SMC Compression mold.

The molds are be made out of solid steel; previous molds were made out of fiberglass with steel reinforcements. The steel will be CNC machined out for exact tolerances. An original W25 hood was been digitized to produce an exact cad design, top and bottom.

SMC is the exact way GM produces the new Corvette panels. These molds will help us offer the best hoods ever produced. The SMC material is cut into patterns and laid into the mold that is attached to 1500 ton press and has veins in the steel to heat molds to 300 degrees.

Production of the molds at the factory in Geneva, Ohio, as well as assembling a hood, can be viewed on our Facebook page so look us up!

Call us at 610-282-2494 for more information or to order your hood.  Hoods are a special order item and are filled in the order that they are received.

Hood price:  $3,000.00

OAI hoods are special order, built to order and require a minimum of 2 weeks


Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 75 × 18 in


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